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Get the world of mobile devices BACK under your control.

YEXT is used primarily to get your business placed highly on mobile devices. Through YEXT, your business gets an entry in the country's top 75 directories used by mobile devices. This list includes directories such as Yelp, Bing, Yellow Pages, Google my Business, 4 Square, Facebook, and more. You can see these directories when you scan below.
Consider a Yelp listing costs more money than our YEXT listing services that includes Yelp! *

DeW-itt-Tech is a Yext reseller

HOW your business gets listed is where the real magic lies. First, YEXT goes out and finds copies of your business entry while it writes the new entry. YEXT will replace the older copies with a newer one that is generated by us, so we know the data is accurate and up-to-date. Almost always, when we replace duplicates, the older entries were usually written by a disinterested third party where errors are common; or the entry had included out-of-date information.

YEXT gives us a control panel to work with, and so we can view the directory and make REAL-TIME updates and we can track hits and traffic.

Once done, When all 75 entries are consistantly accurate, the world of search engines improves dramatically and measurably with no exceptions.

Your web master can control how your web site gets found on search engines - AND SO YOUR YEXT account controls the world of mobile devices. You can sleep well at night; your Internet eco-system is now AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

So now, you can see, judge and predict how favoravble you are seen on the INTERNET ECO-SYSTEM.

DeW-itt-Tech is a reseller for YEXT and we can scan your business to find the following:

  1. What directories are including your business.
  2. How many hits is each entry getting.
  3. Are there inaacurate copies (dopplegangers) of your business anywhere on the Internet?
    YEXT fixes errors automatically, and so your visibility is as good as it gets on the Internet.
  4. Are your maps accurate and consistant?
  5. Do you have any reviews? Can someone enter a bummer review anonymously?

It is now possible to harvest reviews from who we know likes our services.  We can now bury a bad review!  This is the next best thing to come along since the early days of Google.  Ask once for a review and get published on the top four directories in America.  HOWEVER!  This service is available only through resellers.

For the first time! You can now view how the ecosystem sees your business.




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